Streamlynx Communications is a ten-year-old communication technology firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We provide unique marketing solutions for creative projects involving digital signage, print advertisements, and audiovisual services.

Streamlynx offers complete print production services, as well as end-to-end custom creation of your specialty or periodical publication.

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Since 1997, Streamlynx has worked to bring TV to the web, to enhance your web presence with leading edge tech, and to maintain your site’s relevance with social media savvy.

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Affordable HD & 4K digital film production brings your project into focus.

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We provide full newsprint production, as well as in-house advertisement production and distribution services, digital signage solutions, and audiovisual production services.

Since 1997, we have provided streaming media link services (hence the name) - even before broadband Internet was available to most consumers.


We have also been designing and building computer systems since 2003, always employing leading edge technologies.

To learn more about our IT services, take a look at the TechLynx website. We also provide web hosting via GoDaddy.


We have over 15 years of experience

In fact, this website can be found on the wayback machine going back to 2000.